Help abused women and children in your area by donating to the family assistance fund at Small World Fund. Our assistance programs benefit women, children, and families in need of help.

Impress your friends with handmade jewelry from Small World Fund. We have a selection of handmade gifts that your family and friends are sure to love.

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Small World Fund for Children is a non-profit project which strives to aid children who have been abused, or are in need of care and love. The donations raised go directly to shelters, families and other areas where help is needed. As an example:

There are hundreds (perhaps thousands) of families in the US who cannot afford to heat their homes, provide a decent meal, or afford health care for their children.


For the past several years Small World Fund has been providing gifts for families in need during the holiday season. Up until now, this has come solely from the donations of one person. Small World Fund is now branching out to raise money through various benefits, in addition to this gift center website which has these products for sale. This enables us to provide food, clothes and other necessities crucial to children. 100% of proceeds from the products sold go directly to the children and familes of Massachusetts who are in need.

We rely on the support of various companies whose generous donations of products, services or items which enables us to meet our goal of helping children. If you would like to contribute to this worthwhile cause, please CONTACT US

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