Dear Small World Fund,
Thank you for your generous donation of holiday gifts for 24 children through the Pine Street Program this year. Your generosity for the past 8 years has blessed many people through our program. If the children knew who you were I’m sure they would thank you just as I am now.
Vanessa Lima, CHD (Center for Human Development, West Spfld, MA)

Dear Small World Volunteers,
Once again we must express our incredible gratitude for making the children of 35 families very happy this holiday season! We delivered your gifts and were met with tears and joy. As you know, there are many parents we deal with who cannot afford even small gifts for their children, and you have made their season happy and blessed. I hoe you’ll always know the good you are doing.
Thank you so much!!
Donna St. John, MSPCC (Massachusetts Prevention of Cruelty to Children, Spfld, MA)

Small World People:
You are angels! For the past 9 years my whole family has received gifts from your organization. Even though we’ve never met face to face please know that your kindness will be in our hearts forever.
Many blessings,
Maria M. (Through Family Therapy Services, East Long, MA)

Since 1982, the founder of Small World Fund For Children has been sponsoring children throughout the world by way of SAVE THE CHILDREN. Children in Nepal, India, Africa, South Carolina, Mississippi, Kentucky, Alabama and other areas of the world have been supported with continuous donations for over 30 years. For this, we applaud you and thank you for your wonderful history of giving !!
Kim Brown, Regional Associate (Save The Children (

“As a therapist I work with many people struggling with depression and other challenging mental disorders. More than a decade ago Small World Fund offered to provide “magic & wonder” tokens for those who needed a pick me up, and to realize that they were not alone. I have delivered these to my clients, and it’s always a profound & beautiful experience. I so much appreciate the love and care that these gifts bring to the receivers. A few of the recipients thought that the person giving the gifts knew them because they personally resonated with them- it’s almost like the “right” gift magically gets to the right person! Thank you for all you do!”
Barbara Elsner, Certified EMFT Family Gestalt Therapy Group, East Longmeadow, MA

One Christmas an angel came to us to help out with gifts when we had exhausted all funds, and still had families to supply gifts for. We had prayed for help at the office, and lo and behold the very next day we received a phone call from the people at Small World Fund! It was indeed a miracle to all of us!
Council of Churches, Spfld, MA

Thank you so much for sponsoring a table at Safe Passage’s recent dinner & speaking event. By purchasing a table you are helping women and children who are in need of a safe place to stay and a means to get back on their feet after a history of abuse. Your donation helps provide women and children a chance to live in a safe, healthy world, and arrive on the path of healing and recovery. Many, many thanks to your very important organization.
Sarah Smith SAFEPASS.Org



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